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Astep is a family design company with the experience of three generations. The new generation bridges past and future with the latest developments in digital technologies.

Astep is a Danish design label with Italian roots. The Sarfatti family are the founders of this beautiful lighting brand. In addition to famous classics from the 50s, they also market new lamps with highly innovative techniques.

In a world where digital solutions are increasingly permeating our daily lives, Astep strives to combine the quality of life offered by new technologies with the respect for people, objects and the environment that has always been at the heart of good design.

By embracing the new while maintaining the greatest reverence for what has been - linking the work of great minds of the past and great minds of the present - we want to promote the relationship between people and their homes. A fluid landscape of products that can bring the warmth of domesticity where people need it.

Their motto is to strive for the necessary movement of a never-ending journey, the journey of evolution. It refers to a natural yet essential step towards creating something that is better, more substantial, more rewarding. They have improved and re-marketed design classics so that we can enjoy them for years to come.

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