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Get a design floor lamp at home with Nordic New

Despite the fact that a floor lamp always takes up a bit of space, it is true that a design piece also immediately provides an extra beautiful look of your interior. You have certainly noticed them, those standard floor lamps that do not look beautiful and even look a bit cheap.

These floor lamps do absolutely no honor to your interior, on the contrary. By choosing design floor lamps that immediately becomes a completely different story. Design floor lamps may also take up the necessary space, you will look at it with pleasure every day. Would you like to order one or maybe even more beautiful designer floor lamps? Do not hesitate any longer and get them here today at Nordic New at a very interesting price!

Wide choice of designer floor lamps

The one design floor lamp is obviously not the other. Throughout the years, designer floor lamps have appeared on the market in many different versions. We distinguish in this area the floor lamps that have a classic look of the floor lamps that have a more contemporary character. Here at Nordic New we have something to offer for everyone.

For example, the Design House Stockholm Cord Lamp is a real eye-catcher in your living room while the Design House Stockholm Manana floor lamp excels in all of its simplicity. Do you want a real masterpiece? Then the Tom Dixon Bass Floor might be something for you. This beautiful designer floor lamp you will more than likely find nowhere else so you have a unique in your interior. In terms of style and class, a designer floor lamp is in any case easily distinguishable from the standard lamps on the market.

A designer floor lamp does not have to be expensive

It goes without saying that design floor lamps exist in many different price ranges. Here too, Nordic New ensures that everyone can get exactly that lamp that perfectly fulfills all expectations. In this way, even with a limited budget, you have the opportunity to place that one sublime design lamp in, for example, your living room!

Order your design floor lamp today!

Choosing to order a designer floor lamp from our range thus ensures in the first instance that you can choose from an impressive range of possibilities. In addition, as a customer you can always count on the sharpest possible price, but that is not all. What would you think if we were to say that all orders are sent to both the Netherlands and Belgium free of charge? Does not sound good? Do not hesitate any longer and get your brand new designer floor lamp here today at Nordic New!

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