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Design mirrors can be used anywhere in the house

Increasingly, it is decided to hang a mirror not only in the bathroom, but also in other rooms in the house. As the owner of the house you can choose to use an ordinary mirror in this area, but it is so much nicer when it has not only a practical but also a visual function. In the end not only you, but also your visit comes into contact with this part of your interior. Design mirrors are available here at Nordic New in the most varied versions, which ensures that they really come into their own in any interior. Are you looking for nice designer mirrors for your house that can be purchased at an attractive price? Order them today at Nordic New!

Design mirrors in different styles

The design mirrors in the assortment here at Nordic New have a very diverse design. The Muuto Framed Mirror, for example, is a unique mirror that will undoubtedly stand out in your interior. Are you looking for a really large mirror that has a breathtaking design? What about, for example, the Asplund Tati Mirror Large? Or maybe the SMD Design Pas Spiegel Eiken is a bit more for you? Which of the different design mirrors you will eventually buy from our assortment, you will always be able to determine that they have an excellent appearance that will make you enjoy them for a very long time. Also order mirrors? Discover today the range with exceptional mirrors here at Nordic New!

Are our design mirrors coming to admire?

Are you a little worried that the design mirrors you wish to order will be damaged during shipping? Or would you prefer to first admire the mirrors in real life? That is possible. After all, we of Nordic New do not exclusively have a webshop, you can also come and admire our design articles in Bleiswijk located between The Hague and Rotterdam. This way you can be sure that your design mirrors will meet all expectations without any doubt. Do not hesitate any longer and come to discover our showroom in Bleiswijk!

Also bring your design mirror into your home now!

Are you also convinced that a design mirror has a considerably greater added value compared to a standard standard mirror? Do you therefore also want to order one of the different design mirrors from our range? Which can! Not only do we guarantee our customers the best possible purchase price in this area, your order will also be delivered completely free of charge, with a value of € 50 and in both the Netherlands and Belgium. This prevents shipping costs from unnecessarily increasing the price tag of the design mirror that you have purchased.

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