Payment options

1. ideal

For ideal, we use the payment methods of sisow.
after your order, it will be forwarded to the sisow platform, after which you can process the payment under a secure connection via your own trusted bank.

you pay in your trusted payment environment on the internet, with the specific security methods of your own bank. As an internet banker, you can immediately use ideal, without having to register. ideal only works for customers with a Dutch bank account.

2. Paypal

go to, log in and go to 'transfer money'.
the email address to which you need to transfer the invoice amount is email address: info @ nordicnew.
if you do not have a paypal account yet, it is very easy to create on the paypal website.

If you have completed the transaction via PayPal, you will receive a receipt by e-mail. Log in to your PayPal account to view the transaction details.

3. bank transfer

if you do not have a credit card or bank account that is suitable for ideal or paypal, you can also pay by bank transfer. transfer the total amount of your invoice to the bank account of room nine bv (see below), stating the order number. as soon as payment is received, we will process the order.

4. master card / maestro / visa

we use mollie for this payment method.
after you have placed the order it will be forwarded to the secure platform of this payment institution that are pci dss certified.

5.billink payment afterwards

payment must be made to billink b.v (hereafter billink) within the stated payment term. after all, all rights under the claim have been transferred by us to billink, which will take care of the collection of the claim.

your data will be tested and registered by or on behalf of billink, this data can be used for, among other things, the collection of receivables and the testing of orders in the implementation of the acceptance policy of affiliated organizations.

billink reserves the right to refuse the customer's request for payment on account. the payment term used is a strict deadline. in the event of late payment, the customer is therefore in default without notice of default and billink is entitled to charge statutory commercial interest from the due date of the invoice (whereby part of a month is considered to be a whole month).

billink is furthermore entitled to charge the customer for costs outside the legal collection under the law. in the case of business customers, billink is also entitled to charge reminders and reminder costs to the customer, without prejudice to billink's right to charge the customer for the actual costs incurred if they were allowed to exceed the amount thus calculated.

these costs amount to at least 15% of the principal with a minimum of 40 euros for consumers and 75 euros for companies. billink is also entitled to transfer the claim to a third party. what has been determined in relation to billink in the foregoing will also be transferred to the third party to whom the claim has been transferred.

6. our bank details

bank: Rabo Bank
name : Nordic New
place: Amsterdam
iban: nl98 rabo 0168 7933 26
bic / swift: rabonl2u