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Order a design coat rack at Nordic New

When you come home from work, it goes without saying that you would like to be able to hang your coat on a nice coat hanger in a simple way. Many people in their home today, however, do not have access to a coat rack so they lack a bit of comfort. The reason why many choose not to buy a coat rack is hidden in the appearance it usually has. There are also a lot of coat hooks on the market that do not look at all, so they do not add value to your interior. That is completely different when you choose to purchase a design coat rack at Nordic New. Our design coat hooks do not only have an impressive quality, they also look very nice!

A nice design coat rack in the hall.

On a rainy day, the last thing you want is to walk through the entire house with your wet coat. The chance that your wife or partner is after you is indeed considerable. By placing a design coat rack in your entrance hall, this problem is prevented in a very efficient way. Placing a design coat rack in your entrance hall invites you to immediately take off your coat. This of course applies not only to yourself, but also to the people who come to visit you. You will notice that by placing a coat rack in the income of your home your house will stay clean for much longer.

Also suitable for bathroom and bedroom

Of course, hanging a coat rack in the hall is one thing, but there is more. What would you think, for example, of hanging a coat rack in the bathroom and / or the bedroom? Here, too, a design coat rack comes out perfectly. In the bathroom you can use a nice designer coat rack to hang the towels or just your clothes while showering while in the bedroom the coat rack can be used perfectly for the bathrobe. Think of the multifunctional Dots Hooks of Muuto. Do you also want to improve the comfort in all of these rooms? Why then doubt any longer? Order one of the beautiful designer coat hangers from the assortment here at Nordic New!

Get a design coat rack at Nordic New

Ordering a design coat rack here at Nordic New ensures that you can always count on all sorts of interesting advantages. So you are not only assured of a really nice coat rack that can be ordered at an interesting price, moreover, it is also delivered in Belgium as well as Belgium completely free from € 50. Would you like to discover our range of designer coat racks in real life first? Then we would like to invite you to our showroom between The Hague and Rotterdam in Bleiswijk.

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