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Nothing compares to the feeling of having found a treasure. One in which you can discover something new every time you look at it.

Welcome to the secret behind the world of ARCHITECTMADE. We are sure you will see how our architects’ uniquely creative flare shines through our designer objects.

Our collection of design objects made by Denmark’s most recognised architects such as: Utzon, Kjærholm, Juhl, Vedel and Karpf.

Often our architect’s ideas are seated deep within their heart, until finally they see the light of day. As Kristian Vedel claims, the ideas from the inside emerged and developed over a period of time until he simply couldn’t help it, and had to execute them by bringing his designs to life.

The architects design their objects through sheer passion for simple sophisticated aesthetics and functionality. This is where the appeal lies.

The result of this process is a clear crystallization and conceptualization of the product in its purest, simplest and most refined form. It is this very characteristic essence of Danish design that binds together all of ARCHITECMADEs products.

Tradition vs. Innovation?
For decades the iconic products have managed to overcome this intricate diversion and have created a sophisticated blend of the two, in light of contemporary modernity rather than passing trends. This philosophy has resulted in classically designed products, which simultaneously have long-term validity and longevity in their designs. 

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