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The upper body of this Panda can be rotated relative to the lower body. The arms and legs can also move forwards and backwards.

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Architectmade Panda

The Panda of the Architectmade was designed in honor of two gigantic pandas that arrived at the Copenhagen Zoo in 2019, in collaboration with Bjarke Ingels Group, which was also responsible for designing the Panda's housing.

The endearing figure is basically made of a drop shape, made of walnut and maple wood, which in combination form a harmonious overall image. The arms and legs of the panda are movable, but the upper body can also rotate relative to the lower body. This makes it so fun that the Panda can be brought into any desired position. The cute handmade wooden Panda is 10 cm (small) or 17 cm (large) high and is a charming collector's item for both children and adults.

If desired, the panda can also hold a pencil, so these pandas are also handy!


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