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The Slice series by Hans Hornemann is great for the design enthusiast who loves the natural untreated look of raw wood.

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Normann Copenhagen Slice Bench.

Design by Hans Hornemann.

The Slice benches are a classic, attractive design. The sofas are available in five different colors. Perfect for your home. The Slice series opens up a wealth of options for both private homes and offices, bars and restaurants. . There is at the same time a solid and contemporary piece of furniture.

Slice is great for the design enthusiast who wants the natural, untreated look of raw wood. The hardness and durability of the oak make the material very suitable.

Dimensions are: L160 x D38 x H42 cm.


Daily cleaning: Wipe the benches with a damp cloth and make sure that spilled liquids are removed immediately so that they do not leave marks. To maintain the durability and appearance, we recommend giving the banks a soap treatment approximately every 3 months. Make sure you only use organic and perfume-free white wax.

Detailed maintenance instructions are included.

About the designer:

The young Danish designer Hans Hornemann graduated as a Master of Engineering in Industrial Design from the University of Aalborg 2014. Hans Hornemann emphasizes the combination of aesthetic simplicity and high functionality in expressive and light-hearted design. He is fascinated by the industrial and technical solutions in design in terms of both material and mode of expression. Natural materials often inspire him, and he endeavors to strip the design to its bone and portray the honesty found in the materials.

"In my opinion design should be a balance between an aesthetic minimalism and functionality with a user friendly experience. As a designer I aim to be true to the material used in order to enhance and bring out its natural qualities and characteristics. I value clean and minimalistic lines that add a new spin to the classic design. In creating a design, I think it's important to start from scratch and bring a new contribution to the products idiom, expression or functionality."

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