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Architectmade’s wooden figurine Bubo, is a designed by Nikolaj Klitgaard,

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Architectmade Bubo Owl.

Architectmade's wooden figurine Bubo, designed by Nikolaj Klitgaard, is inspired by the Euro / Asian eagle owl, one of the largest owl species. The Eurasian Eagle Owl, or Bubo bubo in Latin, can turn its head 270 degrees; this wooden Bubo also has a movable head that can be moved to make the owl look proud, curious, happy or thoughtful. You can also position Bubo's wings however you want thanks to the built-in magnets.

Material: Oak wood
Dimensions: Small: W8.84 H12.50 cm Large: W8.50 H14.20 cm

The designer:

Nikolaj Klitgaard (b. 1992) is a Danish carpenter. Klitgaard has been interested in woodworking from a very young age and created his first pieces in his grandfather's studio. As a carpenter and designer, he is known for his passion for wood and a keen eye for detail.

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