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Nordic Tales is the tale of small and great ideas that get a chance to be a part
of the Scandinavian design tradition. It's a vision of creating a modern design
company where designer and product go hand in hand from sketch to final
design and further into the retail stores. It's the story of young talents, who
have a passion for cool design and a wish to make a small change.

Nordic Tales trade entire products, in which both form and wrapping tell a
tale. A tale, you as consumer, finish by choosing for instance color of a cord or
size of a light bulb. A story, that changes when you decide how to use your
new product and its packaging. In that way you become a part of the story of
Nordic Tales and create a unique and personal design for yourself.

Nordic Tales believes in the fact, that quality design is easily made on a
kitchen table in a tiny studio apartment and at the same time traded in a way
that appreciates and accommodates both designer and user. Once upon a time
things were like that. And so it might be again.

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