ARTEK Tea Trolley 900 Birch - Black Ceramic Tiles

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The tea trolley 901 is inspired by the British tea culture, which Aino and Alvar Aalto had become acquainted with during their many travels, equipped with 2 large laminated shelves.

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ARTEK Tea Trolley 900 Birch - Black Ceramic Tiles

Tea trolley 900 birch - black ceramic tiles.

The Artek trolley is inspired by the British tea culture, with which Aino and Alvar Aalto were introduced to all their many travels, as well as the Japanese woodwork and architecture they admired. With a frame consisting of two birch slat loops, Tea Trolley 901 has two shelves and a sturdy birch handle. Dual wheels, coupled with the lightweight birch quality, mean the trolley is easy to maneuver and park.

The wheels and frame are made of natural birch and the table tops are covered with an easy-care linoleum. The tea trolley 901 is an excellent side table for any home and perfect for serving tea, coffee and other refreshments.

Dimensions: L 90 cm. H 56 cm. D 50 cm. Frame: birch Wheels: MDF Top and Shelf: laminate or linoleum.

Tea trolley comes in two 900 (white or black ceramic tiles) and four 901 variants: birch clear lacquered with black linoleum, birch clear lacquered with white laminate, birch black lacquered / peat color MDF wheels and peat linoleum top and black linoleum shelf (version Hella Jongerius), birch clear lacquered, white MDF wheels with red / turquoise ColoRing top and shelf.

The designer:

Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) is probably the most famous Finnish architect and designer in the world. In 1921, Alvar Aalto received a degree in architecture from the Helsinki Institute of Technology and started his career as an architect. One of the most important works he got was the planning of the tuberculosis sanatorium in Paimio, Finland. This project also marked the start of Aalto's career as a furniture designer - in fact, this was the first building planned by Aalto that was fully furnished with furniture designed by Aalto himself, including the lighting. Other important projects Alvar Aalto completed include the Municipal Library of Viipuri, Villa Mairea, La Maison Carré and the Finnish Pavilions for the 1937 Paris and 1939 New York World's Fairs.

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