TALA Basalt by TalaLed

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TalaLed Basalt collection, "back to nature'.

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TALA Basalt by TalaLed


The Basalt collection is the result of the latest study into natural forms. The process of formation and contraction in volcanic basalt has created inspiring landscapes like the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Inspired by these epic basalt columns, this series of bulbs and textures explores the contrasting textures of the carefully moulded brass and sandblasted glass pillars.

The word ‘basalt’ comes from the Ancient Greek ‘Basanos’, or ‘touch stone’. The distinctive basalt patterning seen in Giant’s Causeway is another example of nature’s mathematical beauty at work.
These volcanic formations are centrical Voronoi tessellations - the very same patterns are found in the cells that make up the human eye.

The collection is made from solid brass texturing sand moulded into unique basalt patterns and finishes. The brass is cast into both a table lamp and single pendant. The bulbs are forged from mouth-blown crystalline glass that envelopes the central column of soft LED light.

Price is include bulb ( Basalt 6W LED short), and brass pendant 54x74mm. 

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