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The Northern Hifive wall cabinet by Rudi Wulff is practically arranged for all your belongings and looks modern and decorative.

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Northern Hifive wall cabinet

Design by Rudi Wulff.

The elements of the Hifive shelf system can be placed separately, making the wall cupboard even easier to divide. No matter what you need to store or display thanks to its sleek design and modularity, the Northern Hifive will fit wherever it is needed, whether in the hallway, living room or home office.

The Hifive cabinet is available in four versions.

The 75 has one open module and one module with door,
The 100 has two open modules and one module with a door.
The 150 has two open modules and two modules with doors.
The 200 has four open modules and two modules with doors.

You can choose how you place these modules because they are mounted separately on the wall and beautifully covered with a top plate.

Available colors are black lacquered oak, lightly oiled oak or smoked oak. Contemporary in expression and practical in size

The Hifive system is also available in a slim wall version.

Material case parts and top: oak veneer.
Color cabinet parts and top: black lacquered oak, lightly oiled oak and smoked oak

Dimensions: H 38 x D: 42. Width in 75 or 100, 150 or 200 cm.

About the designer:

Rudi Wulff is based in Oslo, where he obtained a master's degree from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. After setting up his own studio, he pioneered solutions for modern urban issues, designed new concepts for two-wheeled transport and launched a new vision to traverse the city.

In the past, Rudi designed lighting, flexible electronics and static display systems, and today his repertoire includes furniture and household accessories. All Rudi designs are based on principles of Scandinavian efficiency and his products are often characterized by functionality, clean lines and clean surfaces.

Rudi's first designs for Northern include a modular multi-media system, a classic candlestick and a playful icebreaker that gives any cocktail a cheerful style.

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