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The clear glass of the jug resembles running water, the green version also gives this effect, but then something from the forest. Both are from the Norwegian Nedre Foss.

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Nedre Foss Waterfall Jug.

Nedre Foss is a Norwegian interior design label founded by design studio Anderssen & Voll, who contacted Japanese designer Jin Kuramoto to create an everyday utensil that embodies the power of design.

Vannfall is Norwegian for waterfall. The glass jug is available in two colors. The clear glass resembles running water, while the bottle green, although with similar properties, is something from the forest.

Through trial and error, Kuramoto first came up with a method of weaving hemp string onto a steel wire skeleton, which in turn was lightly covered with plaster. The handmade model was then digitized by 3D scanning so that it could be modified. This formed the basis of this complex steel mold which in turn produced the final object in glass called Vannfall.

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