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The one drop black ink falling on a white canvas creates the well-formed silhouette of the Ink LED wall lamp strong contrasts on the wall.

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INK Wall Lamp.

Like a drop of black ink falling onto a white canvas, the well-formed silhouette of the Northern Ink LED wall lamp creates strong contrasts on the wall. The luminaire was designed by Felix Isidorsson and features an adjustable concave shade that reflects the light directly onto the wall. If the light spreads beyond the edge of the shadow, a subtle halo effect is created, providing soft lighting.

The mat black surface of the shade and handle contrasts with the white light emitted from inside the shade. Fascinated by the soft light of the moon in the night sky, the designer wanted to create a similar atmosphere for the interior. Arranged in the living room, the luminaire provides cosy background lighting and provides inviting light in the hallway. The Ink LED wall lamp from Northern is made of steel with a black lacquer finish

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