FLOS Wirering wall lamp LED

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The Flos wall lamp consists of an LED ring and a "belt" with which you hold that LED ring in his place.

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FLOS Wirering wall lamp LED


Design by Studio FormaFantasma.
"Formafantasma means Ghost shape. Our approach to design is not formal. Form is for us always the consequence of a process."
The WireRing lamp is an exercise in miniaturization. Reduced to more essential components, the lamp gives the maximum with the use of the minimum. The object is simply composed of 2 separate elements: an electric cable a ribbon, made custom, and a ring with an LED strip inside.
The cable, often considered something to hide, is instead at the center of the design of this object, being equipped with electrical connectors that feed the ring. Once dismantled, the lamp is reduced to a minimum, while installed it reveals quality sculptural.

The wall lamp is 208 centimeters long, 32 centimeters deep and the LED ring has a diameter of 31 centimeters. The LED ring is made of mangled, extruded aluminum. You can choose between a galvanized or varnished finish and between different colors.

The rubber cable that conducts the energy is also available in different colors. The LED ring has integrated LED lighting of 16 watts. The number of Kelvin is 2700, the number of lumen is 1300. The lamp has an integrated pressure switch in the 'extra' cable at the end of the lamp. The length of that cable is another 2.5 meters.

*Light source: LED –2700 K –1300 lm –CRI 90 –16W

*Ring finish: polished gold, polished black nickel, white, grey, pink.
Cable: White, grey, pink.


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