ESTEBAN Esprit de thé scented candle 170 gr

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Esprit de Thé;For trouble-free burning, use the candle in 1-3 hour sessions, centre the wick and cut it to 0.5 cm after using it each time. Plunge the candle wick in the wax for a few seconds to extinguish it, this helps to preserve the fragrant atmo...

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ESTEBAN Esprit de thé scented candle 170 gr

Esprit de the.

For all those yearning for serenity, the Esprit de thé candle is ideal! Its ultra-Zen perfume is captured in a jar clad in mauve cherry blossom, topped with an enamelled ceramic cap, with an aniseed green ceramic flower on top. A delight for the senses as the candle burns down and releases the delicate, relaxing notes of cherry blossom, which blend easily with the flavours of freshly-made tea.

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