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Both the product and the CableCup company have their origin in a newly purchased kitchen lamp. Looked great, but there was a problem. It was impossible to get the ceiling rose to fit right. With an interest in interior design, this was a disturbing element in an otherwise fully satisfactory kitchen.

Marcus Westdahl, who later founded the company, contacted industrial designer Lars Wettre and asked for help. Lars agreed to try to find a solution to the problem. To assist him, Lars brought in his colleague Jonas Forsman.

The actual idea of being able to turn a ceiling rose inside out came to Lars while he was sleeping. The morning after he started work with making a rose that could be turned inside out so as to meet all the demands placed on a ceiling rose. Lars and Jonas worked together in developing the function and design of the ceiling rose, which received the name CableCup.

The company was founded in 2009, two years after Lars received the assignment. By this time, Jonas Algotsson was also involved in the project. The company was awarded a utility patent in Sweden in 2009.

Sales began in Sweden in 2010 at the same time as the company successfully applied for an international patent.

The company is careful with quality at all steps and the material is the most important factor for the product's function. Due to this, considerable emphasis has been put on choosing the right material and the right supplier – a supplier with the necessary skills for transforming the material into the finished product.

Production is conducted in Sweden by experienced injection moulders using modern machinery. Assembly is on own premises and each product is inspected for quality at least twice before being placed in shop packaging. They are then packed and sent out to the dealers.

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