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A design vase, with even more appeal for your flowers

Did you get a beautiful bouquet of flowers from your partner or perhaps from one of your friends or relatives? In that case it goes without saying that you would also like to put these beautiful flowers in an attractive vase. However, not everyone has such a vase at home, on the contrary. Here at Nordic New you can choose not just to order any vase, but to order a real design copy. A design vase with us purchase ensures that you can make a choice from a very beautiful and extensive range of nice vases that can provide a nice added value for any interior. Also order a designer vase? Do not hesitate any longer and get them at home here at Nordic New!

Beautiful design vases for everyone

Women who are looking for a beautiful design vase to place in their interior will undoubtedly have a certain style in mind. Flavors can therefore vary greatly. For this reason, we have chosen Nordic New to make our assortment with design vases as comprehensive as possible. Our design vases are not only available in multiple forms, but also various colors are among the options. For example, what about the Muuto Silent Vase that is not only available in green, but also in pink? Or the somewhat elegant Menu vase Echasse. What style the design vase of your choice should have and what color you have in mind, it is all possible here at Nordic New!

So much more appeal than a regular vase

Many people ask themselves why they should choose exactly to order a design vase. A regular vase can also suffice? That is of course true, but it must be said that a design vase is a lot more attractive in terms of appearance. Your flowers will undoubtedly come into their own in a design vase, which will also give them much more attention. That is not only fun for you as the owner of the house, your guests will undoubtedly enjoy it. For this reason alone, choosing a design vase is always a good idea.

Order your design vase today!

Would you also like to put that one bouquet of beautiful flowers in a beautiful designer vase? Which can! We from Nordic New make it possible for our customers to order the most beautiful design vases at a price that you probably never would have thought possible before. However, that is not all. For which design vase you ultimately choose, you will notice that this is delivered at any time in both the Netherlands and Belgium without shipping costs being charged from € 50.

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