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The Vipp 496 cabin table is a stylish and minimal dining table from the Danish Vipp, the Cabin Series is a new series of solid wood furniture.

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The Vipp 496 Cabin Table is a stylish dining table from the Danish Vipp.

Vipp 496 Cabin Square Table is a simple and elegant dining table with an organic design language. Vipp, which until now mainly focused on steel products, has now also shifted its focus to wooden furniture. For example, the Vipp 496 Cabin Square Table is one of the first dining tables from Vipp, which is made of solid wood.

The table, like the other furniture in the collection, is available in light oak or dark oak. The beautiful details are, among other things, in the grooved chassis.

The beautiful 496 Cabin Square Table dining table can be combined with the dining room chairs from the Cabin series, but due to its versatile design can also be combined with a wide choice of various dining room chairs from other brands.
The beautiful table can be used in the kitchen or dining room of the house, and the design makes it easy to incorporate the table into many different interior styles - whether you want a modern or a traditional look.

Vipp Cabin Collection is the first collection of furniture from Vipp made of solid wood. The Cabin series consists of Vipp 481 Cabin Chair, Vipp 494 Cabin Round Table and Vipp 496 Cabin Square Table.
Available in light oak and dark oak, the furniture series consists of beautiful and organic elements, all of which have a modern and simple look.

Dimensions: Length 250 cm. / Width 100 cm. / Height 72.7 cm.

♠-made to order product

The Vipp history:

Vipp's history began in 1939 when Danish designer Holger Nielsen made his usual trip to the local football stadium to watch his favorite team play. In a tie, Holger wins a car on his ticket, but since he doesn't have a driver's license, he decides to sell the car and invest in a metal lathe. The breakthrough comes when his wife asks him to make a trash can for her hair salon. This is also noticed by the town's dentists who each order one for their respective practices and so production is born.

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